The story of super trio KALUSH began with respect from alyona alyona, who promoted the band on her Instagram.
"Guess what will happen on October 17th?"
Alyona alyona:
In October 2019, KALUSH presented their first single
and video "Do not marinate" which within 3 months gained more than 1 million views on YouTube.

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listen to "Do not marinate"
The second single - "You're kidding me" became a manifesto against bad habits.
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listen to "you're kidding me"
After the release of the second single, the band attracted the attention of the label Def Jam.
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Listen to "mountains"
In December, the band released their third single "Mountains", featuring alyona alyona
In August 2020, the video "Mountains" became the best clip according to the Rap.UA Awards 2020.
And in October 2020, the video has got more than 4.5 million views on YouTube.
In total, during the year of existence, the guys have released 8 videos and are preparing to drop their first album.
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